By Night

Grand bay by night. Grand Baie remains the most popular place by night. You will have a lot of choices to go out for a drink with friends, watch a football game, a rugby match or just to enjoy with friends for the celebration of an event.

Banana Beach Club
Banana Beach Club is located next to the petrol station towards the end of Grand Baie taking the direction to Pereybère. The Banana Beach Club remains all these years as the inevitable. It has kept this none stuck atmosphere. There, everyone is welcome, local and tourists. There for all types of styles, for all ages and all nationalities. There is no difference.

As for the decor, you will feel as if you were on the beach. A bed of sand, rattan chairs, a large flaming which serves all around the bar. The style of music is for everyone.

 Live music on Friday and Saturday evening. You will be so delighted to enjoy a good sex on the beach cocktail to flatter your taste buds.

We advise you not to miss the opportunity to go for a ride

Le B52, an open-bar
The B52 is a large bar being located at the corner of the main road and the road to the Super U. It is opposite the Sunset Boulevard.

Inside, there are a dozen tables, background music, a pool table and a variety of drinks such as beer, brandy and cocktail range.

With a great location and a relaxed setting, this is one of the bars in Grand Baie that remains busy during the week and on weekends.

This bar is perfect for a relaxing evening. You will have the opportunity to watch football matches and live rugby. A quiet atmosphere, friendly and festive at the same time. What’s better !

Cocoloko Bar Louange et Restaurant.
Situated in the center of Grand Bay, the Cocoloko is a beautiful tropical garden accompanied by an amazing decor.

Regarding the Cuisine, it envelops all types of global cuisine. You will have live music on weekends and the ability to choose your seet. In the garden or inside.

In addition, there is the wireless connection that lets you communicate with friends and family and share your good times.

Dine and enjoy a cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere and peace. An exotic and popular place for its ‘Happy Hour’

Beach House
The Beach House is on the left along the coastal road from the residence towards the center of Grand Bay. This is a restaurant / bar serving delicious cocktails and course of fish and seafood. Located directly on the beach, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand.

Restaurant Bar Le Hangar.
Opposite the Northern Medical Center, is the perfect place for a drink or a relaxing evening meal with friends. The place looks like a bar-restaurant open to the atmosphere very relaxed. The pizzas are excellent served by friendly staff. Wide selection of beers and cocktails at a very affordable price!


The Z-Club at the Banana club
The Z-Club at the Banana club offers live music until late night.

There is a great dance floor, a large bar. Friday and Saturday night, the club is animated.

With a dark, metallic decor mixed with wood, it is very clean, no artifice. The service is very professional, a DJ that get you moving all night.

Buddha Bar
Buddha Bar is the largest nightclub in Mauritius, it is the mythical in the North.

This nightclub is located on the road of 20 pieds in Grand Bay. After changing location, he kept the same concept of innovation, the same name and has given new life to the decor. Now it’s brand new!

The premises of Buddha Bar are bigger now with a dance floor much more spacious than before. In addition, it has a beautiful terrace with two large bars; one inside and one outside. All this for the comfort of its customers.

It is emphasized that security is strict, parking is orderly and controlled. In addition, management has the right to deny access.

Insomnia is on the main road of Grand Bay moving Péreybère direction, near the Total petrol station. Once N-Gyone, the club now is the delight of our young Mauritians and visitors.

You will have the pleasure of dancing on any type of music and mainly the House, there are two dance floors; one inside and another one outside. The design of this club is clearly visible.

Security is rigorous and management reserves the right of entry.

Les Enfants Terribles (LET)
One of the most popular nightclubs in the area. The Closest of all the nightclubs from the Residence Peramal, (1.5 km) on the left of the coastal road. With its dance floor and sound of any kind, it attracts many people on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.