Nearby Residence Peramal

The shops on the coastal road

From the Residence Peramal, you get out of the lane along the sea leading to the coastal road, turn left to head to the center of Grand Bay. Throughout this street, we will be able to find many shops. You have also a choice of restaurants, florists, etc.

Towards the center of Grand Bay

Le Capitaine Restaurant

Cue point for Residence Peramal, it is recognized as the best place to taste the seafood. This is a restaurant worth visiting. A dinner in the evening by the sea, why not! The restaurant Captain is renowned for its seafood and fishs and offers a refined cuisine. The welcome is very warm.

Akka Puspa Cuisine

This little stall offers Mauritian dishes and also takeaways. The famous mauritian galette can be find ither there, roti and dholl puri. Gâteau piment takeaway on order

Tamoul Temple

You can not miss it. With its countless colorful characters, it deserves your visit. End of January-beginning of February, it is the theater of Cavadee, the great Tamil religious festival. The temple was built in 1966 by a local association.

Le Gourmand

In front of the Tamil Temple, enter the pastry-bakery Le Gourmand. Savour its chocolate breads and croissants every morning.


Opposite the Tamil temple, a talented hairdresser wait for you. Modern cuts, wicks, dyes. Do not hesitate ! The price quality is unbeatable!

Lalida Florist

Still facing the Tamil temple. A smiling young and talented florist who makes her bouquets with lots of love. If you stay at the Residence Peramal and want to brighten up your studio / apartment, Lalida is one of the closest florists.

Restaurant Coolen. 

Also known as chez Ram, right after the Tamil temple, this restaurant serves typical Mauritian dishes. The food is tasty, and authentic with, the menu, lobster, seafood, fish. Oh, that’s so good! The chef also prepared Chinese dishes. The restaurant atmosphere is very warm especially at aperitif time. A good quality price restaurant not to miss.

Dario Grocery.

Well stocked shop. You will find everything you need. Every morning all the mauritian living nearby queue up to buy fresh bread.

Chez Doon Snack and Restaurant

Local atmosphere with Mauritian dishes that you can takeaways. There are fried noodles, fried rice, boule renversé, Mauritian sandwich, rice with different curries.

Pépé the tailor.

His shop is located right at the bus stop near the Chinese grocery. Pepe cuts, shapes, sews fabrics for men and women of all sizes.

Pharmacie Lo.

Held by a Mauritian family of Chinese origin. You will find this pharmacy by heading to the center of Grand Bay 300 m away on the right of the coastal road. If you want advice, a nice lady will be there to help you and guide you on your needs.

Corner for donuts and cakes for mauritian aperitif.

In front of the pharmacy Lo, between 2:30 p.m till 5:00 p.m, there are sweet and salty cakes to taste the Mauritian cuisine. Savory cakes are found there; chilli cakes, Arouille cakes, fried bread, chilli fritters, potato fritters, fried eggplant, vegetable samosas, christophine fritters, chanapuri. Sweet cakes there are sweet potato cake, cakes tekwa, gulab jamun, Rasgulla, banana cakes.

Stall of vegetables and fruits.

This is after the Lo Pharmacy on your left along the coastal road. If you want to stock up you will find seasonal fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are cheap and you will be happy to meet mauritian from the surronding also buying their fruits and vegetables over there.

Stall of vegetables and fruit chez Hafez.

This one is about 60 meters from the Pharmacy Lo, on your right on the coastal road. There are fruits and vegetables from Mauritius.

Malini Florist

A little further on your left. Fresh beautiful flowers. You can find beautiful bouquets over there if you want to flourish your studio / apartment.

Nature Verte Pharmacy.

Just before café Müller and opposite a bus stop on the right. Nature Green pharmacy is a pharmacy where you will find organic products. Cosmetics herbal, organic makeup and medicines. A real treat for those who are Green Nature!

Pamela Florist.

A little further to the left, this amazing florist prepares you beautiful bouquets in a small corner of her own.

Café Müller.

To the right of the coastal road in the lane next to the Pharmacy Nature Verte. Café Müller is located in a quiet and nice place. A mini oasis and a beautiful terrace surrounded by greenery accompanied by a really friendly welcome. Café Müller offers good price quality service.

 Le Tandoor Restaurant.

Indian traditional restaurant with the flavors of the authentic cuisine of India.

La Terrasse Restaurant.

This friendly restaurant on the right side, facing the sea, close to the coast guard. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of a grocery store. This restaurant is easily located typical Mauritian. Different dishes are on offer, including Creole dishes as well as European and Chinese dishes. Local chefs offer traditional dishes prepared with care and skill. At La Terrasse Restauant, all the dishes are fresh and at very affordable price. The restaurant has two dining rooms, one on the ground floor that can accommodate people with disabilities and the second on the 1st floor with a beautiful terrace where you have your meal with a nice view on the sea.

Post office.

If you have to send letters or postcards, no need to go to the central post office near the Super U, a small post office is located right near La Terrasse restaurant.

Church of Grand Bay.

This religious building is located on the left side and facing a sea beautiful view. You will notice on the other side of the road a mosque

Central store.

Just after the traffic lights on the right almost opposite the church, we will find the central store where you will be able to find many things such as the sewing accessories, artificial flowers, dishes, there is almost everything.

The Mosque of Grand Bay

Just after the Church of Grand Bay which is on your left towards the center of Grand Bay, the Mosque of Grand Bay is on your right just after the Central Store

Le Beach House Restaurant-bar. 

Experience a menu for all tastes, with generous portions and a good price / quality. Here, no long minutes waiting as the smiling and friendly staff makes you feel welcome as from your arrival in good friendly atmosphere of the Beach House.

Ducasse pharmacy.

Held by the Ducasse family a Mauritian family. You will find this pharmacy by heading to the center of Grand Bay about 15 minutes walk from the residence on the right side of the coastal road about 300 meters after the Church of Grand Bay. Need advice, please ask from Mr. Ducasse

La Plage des Canisses. 

Restaurant, bar cocktail with an amazing ambiance feet in water, it is ideal for an afternoon, being relaxed and appreciate a dreamlike lunch. Located opposite the anchor of local fishermen’s canoes and a small island of rocks in the lush, Accommodation has a beautiful view over the lagoon of Grand Bay.

Sunset Boulevard: enjoy shopping at the seaside!

This is the first place that comes to mind when you think of shopping in Grand Bay. Shops and restaurants await you. Put on your sunglasses to hang out and enjoy your day! Clothing, decoration, accessories, art gallery, jewelry, gifts, cafes and restaurants.

Towards Mont-Choisy-La pointe aux Canonniers-Port-Louis

Mammamia Restaurant. 

50 meters left on the coastal road in front of the sea. This restaurant is ideal to enjoy good Italian cuisine.

Le Goût du Large

At 300 m from the Residence Peramal, on the right, the restaurant on the beach front is a quiet restaurant with first glance on a terrace and a view of the gunner’s quoin. Le Goût du Large is a house converted as a restaurant, the meal is prepare in a nice veranda in the open air. Holiday atmosphere, simple and friendly.

Lennard’s Supermarket.

On the bus stop on your left after the restaurant Le Goût du Large. If you do not want to go far from the Residence Peramal to do your shopping, in this supermarket, we will find almost everything to stock up.

La Cigale Restaurant. 

Located in the center of Pointe aux Canonniers, La Cigale restaurant, delicious Mediterranean house propose you an international and classic Italian cuisine with fresh products. Enjoy delicious pasta, pizza, spaghetti, tagliatelle, carbonaras, shrimp lasagna with pesto sauce and great salads which the divine arugula salad bouquet sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.

Pillay Pastry.

Mauritius pastry. The pastry is situated on the bus stop just before the Pointe aux Cannoninier supermarket.

L’Espadon Restaurant. 

This restaurant offers mainly seafood, fish and shellfish. But, other dishes are also prepared to satisfied the appetite of customers. The service is exemplary. Good price quality.

OFF Restaurant Beach-Club. 

On the left just before the nightclub Les Enfants Terribles. A friendly and relaxed place. Around a beautiful swimming pool, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach service with family, friends, duo or solo. OFF also offers a non-stop restaurant service (breakfast, lunch, snack plus diner). You can also enjoy a piano bar atmosphere every weekend for super convivial evenings with lots of colors and a theme that varies each week.

Discothèque Les Enfants Terribles (LET).

One of the most popular nightclubs in the area. The Closest of all the nightclubs from the Residence Peramal, (1.5 km) on the left of the coastal road. With its dance floor and sound of any kind, it attracts many people on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Le Tournil Bakery and pastry

Le Tournil bakery and pastry offers fresh bread, croissants or French pastries every morning. You can even order a cake for a special occasion.

Galerie Hélène de Senneville. 

In 1987, Hélène de Senneville opened his art gallery in the North of Mauritius. For 25 years, she has also developed other creative sectors still steeped in his native island.

Restaurant Bar Le Hangar.

Opposite the Northern Medical Center, is the perfect place for a drink or a relaxing evening meal with friends. The place looks like a bar-restaurant open to the atmosphere very relaxed. The pizzas are excellent served by friendly staff. Wide selection of beers and cocktails at a very affordable price!

Fish Spa.

This fitness center is located in front of the Northern Medical Center. The Fish Spa offers an experience 100% natural and relaxing, guaranteeing optimal hygiene conditions. The feet are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before immersion in individual basins. The water is renewed every week.

Restaurant Russian Hut. 

Russia in Pointe aux Canonniers. Come and taste the homemade pelmeni and vareniki, stuffed blini, and the typical Ukrainian and Russian soups, Belarusian draniki, mixed salads and many other cuisine.

Maison de Presse. 

On the left facing Momo supermarket. You will find all the newspapers and local magazines as well as international media including many French and English titles. The selection of books is also very interesting.

Supermarket Momo.

Almost all products are available in the supermarket located opposite of Maison de la Presse at the bus stop. You have a choice: meat, sausage, cheese, grocery store and a range of fruits and vegetables very well stocked.