Water Activities

Mauritius is famous for its nautical and aquatic activities. Different part of the island brings you to do activities by region ; Grand Bay, Belle Mare and Ile aux Cerfs where you can discover different corners from the sky view by the parasailing activity. The Blue Safari speed for the discovery of the seabed to Mon Choisy to see the wreck of the Star Hope . In order to better plan your holidays in Mauritius , we present some water activities to help you choose the activities that suit you the most.


Parasailing is an activity that is carried out from the platform of a boat. Securely hooked to a harness attached by parachute which in turn is connected to the tractor boat, the parachutist will take off slowly from the platform to a flight over the beautiful lagoon with gradual acceleration of his boat tractor.

Parasailing is for sea lovers who are not afraid to take the fly to admire the breathtaking view of the lagoon with its turquoise waters, coral and beaches along the coast .

Parasailing can be experienced on several beach of our island, among those are: Pereybere Grand Bay Mon Choisy Trou aux Biches Balaklava Belle Mare Trou D’eau Douce Ile aux Cerfs

Wakeboard and Waterski

Water skiing is one of the most popular water sports in Mauritius . Water skiing is practiced either in water or bi monoski skiing . Mauritius offers you the opportunity to water ski in most of our lagoons.

Staying on our beautiful beaches such as Grand Baie , Mont Choisy , Trou aux Biches, Le Morne , Trou D’eau Douce.

Wakeboarding is a water sport which in recent years began to grow in the water gliding mode. Wakeboarding also known as the wake is a water sport in which the practitioner is connected by a rope to a motorboat , and became slipped on the water on a board like surfing and skateboarding.

Such as water skiing , wakeboarding is practiced on most of our beaches of our lagoons . Almost all ski boats are able and equipped to wakeboarding.


Also known as Planche Volante, Kitesurfing is a water sport, which involves sliding to evolve with a board on the water surface by being pulled by a kite using the force of the wind.

Mauritius is very famous among kitesurfers in the world. We had the chance to host the Kitesurf World Championship in 2011.

There are plenty of kitesurfing spots that are well known in Mauritius in other Anse la Raie, Cap Malheureux, Bain Boeuf, Grand Bay, Mon Choisy, Poste Lafayette, Le Morne, Pointe d’ Esny.


Also known as windsurfing, windsurfing is a sport practiced sliding on a float board with an articulated rig to the board by the base of a mast. The rider must position standing on his board that has no rudder and plays. He must lift the mat with his rigging the water and hold it upright active position by tilting the front and rear to fill slip on water using wind force.

There are many types of board and several types of sail. There are those for beginners, those for novices and those for professionals.

Windsurfing can be practiced in almost all the lagoons of Mauritius. For many enthusiasts of this sport, come to Mauritius is the opportunity to bring their equipment to practice the activity in our lagoons with shallow water, perfectly calm inside that offers conditions ideal to practice their windsurfing skills.

 For those wishing to learn this sport, there are a lot of clubs that offer courses for beginners.

The Nessee , semi-submersible submarine

The Nessee is a semi- submersible 15 meters long and 3.40 meters wide. There is a ship of this kind in Mauritius. The Nessee offers rides of about 1 hour and 45 minutes in the lagoon of Grand Baie for you to discover the marine fauna of Mauritius with its coral and underwater life through the large windows in the part submerged underwater vessel.

The Nessee can admire the seabed without having to get in the water.

Undersea Walk

Walking under water in Mauritius, a simple and accessible to all Mauritians to discover the underwater activity. Even if you’re not a fan of the sea you to experience this tour because breathing underwater becomes possible, easy and safe. It is an unforgettable experience for non-divers and even for those who wear glasses.

How his walk the walk under water? Using scuba gear is a helmet with a transparent visor placed on your head connected by a flexible connection to the boat. This connection sends air to allow you to breathe normally.

You do not need to go down to swim in this magnificent life-size aquarium. You can go down to 3-4 meters deep in this beautiful lagoon and witness this wonderful wildlife, corals and a variety of fish in their natural habitat. Qualified guides will always be at your side to make sure you have fun safely and achieve your dreams.

Aqua scooter

The aqua scooter, as its name describes how the scooter is underwater. The driver in question will you . Using scuba gear that covers shoulders and head, your air supply is provided by a compressed air cylinder that is on your scooter. If you wear glasses or contact lenses , stay reassure you will not need to remove them. No need to wear a mask or mouthpiece , aqua scooter allows you to wander freely under water and have normal breathing.

The aqua scooter runs on the north west coast of Mauritius in Mon Choisy where you have the opportunity to control your underwater scooter , along the beautiful reef.

The aqua scooter is fast, secure and easy to handle , you do not need to be a qualified diver or swimmer to be able experiencer this excursion.

The tour lasts about 30-35 minutes.


Travel by submarine

Discovery in the deep seabed of Mauritius.

Blue Safari offers a unique experience of its kind thanks to its two real submarines.

Based in Mon Choisy, the Blue Safari embraquera you into this world under water to discover the ‘Star Hope ‘ , a wreck 58 meters long, about 35 meters deep and an anchor from the 17th century located at the bottom the ocean.

You will experience the magic of exploring the seabed and discover its reefs and marine life along the reef Mon Choisy.

It will take about two hours to explore the seabed with the Blue Safari . The time spent in immersion is about 45 minutes.