Ecological concept

“Lovers of our island we are, in love with our island we want to stay”

The Residence Peramal has been working very seriously for several years on how to gain access to a healthy and sustainable environment. We are continuously perceiving in our aim to provide our guests with an eco holiday accommodation.

The idea is to share this philosophy with eco responsible travelers who are conscious to protect the planet and to make availability for a green holiday accommodation with studios and apartments facing the sea in the north of Mauritius.

The Residence Peramal wants to be environmentally responsible. During construction, we invested recyclable materials to help our “sustainable Mauritius”.

We opted for solar energy through solar water heaters for hot water use. We only use low energy light bulbs and is being replaced with LED bulbs with a view to reduce the consumption of energy.

We also placed hybrid air conditioning system; although it is more expensive than traditional systems but the advantage is that this system allows avoiding excess energy.

During the great renovation of the residence, the use of plastics shingles was recycled as well as the stone recovered, were used for the construction of the small reception and office of the residence. Despite the costs, we have always believed in a long-term investment.

The preservation of the environment through a sustainable and healthy ecology at the Residence Peramal began in 1994 and continues relentlessly. The Residence Peramal is certified as eco responsible for our cleaning products that are used in everyday life.