Activities in Grand Bay

The beach in front of the Residence Peramal

A 5 minute walk along the coast, just in front of the residence, the nearest beach, very clean, very quiet, good for a morning swim, and more.

Grand Bay beach

The beach in the center Grand Bay is located as the name suggests in the center of Grand Bay, on the main road. The beach of Grand Bay does not necessarily represent a dream beach and serves mainly as a shelter for local fishing boats. Swimming is possible, but not essential. Opposite of the beach you will find shops.

La Cuvette beach

La Cuvette beach is situated at the end of Grand Bay. The plage is located near to the Royal Palm Hotel and to access it, you have to move from the center of Grand Bay to Preybère. The beach is quite small qnd intimate. The water is very calme and the beach is surronded by corals and rocks. It is a pleasure to walk along the beach, from the coast to the center of Grand.

Casita beach

Casita beach is situated before the beach of Pereybère. To access the beach, you simply go the Pereybère and from there move along the coast direction of Grand Bay. Five minutes of walk, you will find a small bay that is Casita bay, known for swimming, its tranquility, its fine sandy beach and beautiful area for sunbathing.

Pereybère beach

Pereybère, one of the best known beaches of our island. Pereybère beach is situated between Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux along the coastal road. Pereybère beach attracts more people during school holidays and Sundays. It is due to its clear blue waters, and is one of the best places on the island for swimming.

Bain Bœuf beach

Bain Boeuf beach is situated between Pereybere and Cap Malheureux. The beach of Bain Boeuf is known for the beautiful view it offers on the Northern Islands . Bain Boeuf is a place where you can enjoy the sun , sand and sea in a relaxed atmosphere with an amazing view on the Gunner’s Quoin.

Cap-Malheureux beach

Located 3km from the north of Pereybere, Cap Malheureux is distinguished by its amazing red roof church. Cap Malheureux beach is little visited by tourists. It is a small sandy beach offering a magnificent view of the Northern Islands.

Mon Choisy beach

20 minutes of walk from the Residence Peramal , Mon Choisy , famous and very popular beach in the north of Mauritius among tourists and also among Mauritians .It is situated between Pointe aux Canonnier and Trou aux Biches, Mon Choisy beach is the longest beaches of Mauritius. Beautiful family beach, it is the gathering place of the Mauritian family for a Sunday and public holidays picnic Friendly atmosphere. On weekdays, the beach is less crowded and therefore more quiet. It is perfect for water sports, boat trips or diving off the lagoon.

Trou-Aux-Biches beach

Trou aux Biches beach is along the coastal road between Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches. Trou aux Biches beach is known for its fine sand and for its clear blue lagoon.