Leisure and Activities

To better plan your stay in Mauritius, we at the Residence Peramal we developed different opportunities and recreational activities listed under different sections;

Water, such as parasailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing courses in sailing, adventure Sea karting, Nessee, semi-submersible submarine, walking under water, Aqua scooter, the adventure underwater scooter and travel in a submarine.

Boat trips with the Predator, offshore boat of the residence for unforgettable encounters with dolphins, to go to Gabriel Island offshore boat, L’Ile d’Ambre – Ilot Bernache offshore boat or even Gabriel Island and Flat Island Catamaran.

For lovers of fishing with big game fishing, the Jigging, the Drop Shot or even Palangrotte fishing.

Scuba diving in the northwest of Mauritius on different sites for dives and for readjustments, and snorkeling at the various sites, such as in the small bay of Coin Mire.

Visit to the north of Mauritius with its villages along the coast, its beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, the different views of the beach on the islands lying in the north. Discover Le Chateau Labourdonnais and colonial architecture, orchards and gardens of Labourdonnais for its fruits and jams. You will be seduced by the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, known once as the domain name of Mon Plaisir where we find more than 600 plants on 37 hectares.

Visit to the capital of Port Louis also known as the country’s administrative center and its architecture that traces the history of our island. Heritage Ramsar- the estuary of Red Earth and its migratory birds. The tomb of Père Laval, important place of worship for the Christian community. Tamil temple, Kaylasson, located in Holy Cross, in the northern suburbs of Port Louis, is the oldest temple of the Mauritius Island. The Citadel military fortress also known as Fort Adelaide.

Rue Desforges and shops forming the most street shopping for fabrics and dressed . The Cathedral of St. Louis and around the paved roads of the French colonization. Not far from the Champs de Mars known for its horse racing. Labourdonnais street , the Anglican church which was inaugurated in 1850. On the side of the mountain Signaux , Marie Reine de la paix, an open air church with a breathtaking view of the city of Port Louis .

Le Caudan Waterfront, built on the sea with its large hotels, a casino, shops and restaurants. At the rear of Port Louis, the mountain range that separates Port Louis Moka District is the thumb that is known among hikers. Located in the heart of Port Louis, the place of arms is avenue leading to the hotel from the government, it is lined with palm trees very pretty, and the statue of Mahé de Labourdonnais which is regarded as the builder of Mauritius. In walking there on foot can be seen as the drinker. The Government House, the oldest building in Port Louis and the most important of the Mauritian politics. In the place there are also the Prime Minister’s office. A little more in the background, there are the theater of Port Louis. Colonial House Poncini, old colonial house turned into Mauritian luxury boutique.

The Museum of Photography and large pictures of the world and funds of Mauritius. The Garden of the company formerly known as the garden of the East India Company. The Natural Museum of History where you can see the skeleton of the dodo, the emblematic animal of Mauritius.

Market of Port Louis, it contains fruits and vegetables rich in color. The Corderie street is known for its fabrics with different materials. The Jummah Mosque, is the largest mosque in Mauritius.

China Town did not go unnoticed during the Chinese festival. The Appravasi Ghat, the first site to be ranked UNESCO heritage honoring Indian engaged workers coming to work in the sugar cane industry. The Blue Penny Museum known for its two most expensive stamps in the world.

Visit the center to discover the colonial house Eureka in Moka and waterfall. Descent in Seven Waterfall is a site that is unsurpassed in Mauritius. And discover the Trou aux Cerfs existing volcanic crater for over a thousand years.

Visit in the east to discover Belle Mare or seabed enthusiasts can learn about scuba diving. All along the east coast of the island you will find beautiful beaches, such as Belle Mare, Poste Lafayette, and Poste de Flacq lagoon. The inescapable Ile aux Cerfs known for its golf course and its beautiful beach and the waterfall that ends in the sea east of our island.

Visit to the South East in Grande Rivière Sud Est flows the longest river in Mauritius. At Domaine du Chassuer lovers of nature will be delighted. Midlands Dam is a station or can get water from the source.

The Nature Park Val extending in a valley on 3,000 hectares of sugar plantation Rose Belle. pictures site with its panoramic landscape of Mauritius.

Vieux Grand Port this small village that contains the oldest structures and construction of Mauritius.

Frederik Hendrik Museum tells the story of the first inhabitants of Mauritius. This is an important archaeological site.

Today, Mahébourg is a city which has kept its authenticity and has been able to modernize thanks to the proximity of the Plaisance International Airport.

Biscuiterie Rault is named Hilaron Rault the son of a Breton colon installed since 1807 in the French colony that was the Isle of France devised a cassava cookie recipe by trying to reproduce the Breton specialties.

The Waterfront Mahebourg is a magical place that invites the dreamers, poets, walkers, ocean enthusiasts or history and photographers in search of magnificent views, relax facing the Bay of Mahébourg.

Along the road leading to Mahébourg, it is impossible to miss a splendid colonial mansion dating from the eighteenth century that houses the Naval Museum of Mahébourg since 1950.

South of Mahébourg, Pointe d’Esny to Blue Bay, beautiful beaches along the coast but some very visible because of the villas built between the road and the coast but can be accessed by trails.

Blue Bay with its beautiful coral garden and turquoise waters. On Ile aux Aigrettes the visitor will be amazed by the original nature of Mauritius.

Marine Park Blue Bay, located on the southeast coast of Mauritius near Mahebourg, is considered one of the most beautiful sites to discover Mauritian seabed and also to do some snorkeling on Mauritius.

Visit in the South West where are the Alexandra Falls is 700 meters above sea level. Plaine Champagne this small plateau of 750 meters located in the heart of the national park of the Black River.

Georges view of the Black River, the famous Black River Gorges National Park also under the English name ‘Black River Gorge’ with its breathtaking view of the interior and on the West Coast.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth is known for its colored earth ranging from tan to red through brown. Le Morne Brabant, which was declared UNESCO World Heritage mountain of Le Morne Brabant. Top of approximately 250 m, Morne Brabant sleep on the beaches that surround it. A sad legend is attached to this mountain slaves who escaped their masters took refuge at the summit of Le Morne.

Maccondé which is located on the southwestern tip of Mauritius with its view point where you can admire the postcard view over the south coast of Mauritius.

Visit to the south south of Mauritius with the sacred lake of Grand Bassin, a sacred place of Hinduism 3 km Petrin and 700 m. Grand Basin also known as Ganga Talao, ‘Lake of the Ganges is a natural water reserve in the crater of an ancient volcano.

The tea road behind sugar cane, tea has long been the second island culture. Three areas on this road worth a visit:

You borrow a magnificent avenue to reach one of the last colonial mansions of the island is the area of Domaine des Aubineaux in Curepipe then the tea factory in Bois Cheri.

Bois Cheri, which produces more than half of the Mauritian tea. The Domaine de Saint-Aubin near Rivières des Anguilles which offers a nature trail, greenhouse anthuriums, home of vanilla and rum distillery.

Souillac a pretty village built on top of black cliffs. La Vanille Reserve Mascarene is a reserve was created in 1985 in the south of Mauritius or the guides will accompany you during your unforgettable hikes.

You will find the greatest turtle park Aldabra and Radiata ‘world. Close to Souillac, Gris Gris offers a nice beach but because of the current, swim prohibited.

Rochester Falls waterfall, a dozen meters high in a surprising form because of its volcanic origin. Batelage located in a verdant and idyllic setting at the mouth of the port of Souillac, in the south of the Mauritius.

The Museum Robert Edward Hart, the museum is the former home of poet Robert Edward Hart, born August 17, 1891 in the city of Port Louis, is considered the father of the Mauritian literature.

Visit West Tamarin, salt Village located north of Black River and a paradise for surfers, the sunsets are beautiful there and the view of the mountains behind the bay is worth visiting.

Casela the Leisure Park is close to Flic en Flac, on the southwest route is best known for its pink pigeons, birds rescued from extinction.

The village and the beach of Flic en Flac town, booming, stretches for almost 3 km along the coastal road along the beach. resort to the image of Grand Baie, it attracts many tourists.

The Martello Tower Museum situated in Tamarin on the west coast of Mauritius, between Black River and Tamarin Pointe, is one of five Martello towers built in Mauritius by the British in the 19th century to protect the coast Mauritius from attack by sea.

The Flat Island, located in the north of Mauritius. Flat Island is part of the northern islands that included the island Gabriel Round Island and Snake Island and Coin de Mire. The Flat Island and Gabriel Island are neighboring islands, with a very small distance between them. The Flat Island Hiking leading to the lighthouse is without difficulty.

The mountain of le Pouce is the third highest of Mauritius, peaking at 812m, located in the northwest of the island between the Pieter Both mountain and Signaux. The first person to climb Le Pouce is Charles Darwin. Hike Le Pouce from Port Louis. Hike Le Pouce from Moka.

Hiking Deux Frères Pointe du Diable is an authentic hike east of the island. No difficulties, this hike is not a sporting event but a wonderful walk discovering a different Mauritius tourist cliché and opens towards responsible tourism.

Starting point: the village pier of Deux Frères.

Shopping in Mauritius is definitely very nice for your family and friends to have clothes “Made in Mauritius”, a label that does not displease.

When you shop, remember to always try to get discounts on prices, especially when you buy items on the market.

Shopping in the north to Grand Baie, the tourist destination par excellence of our island with its two modern shopping centers: the Super U complex and Grand Bay La Croisette, including a large supermarket and also a selection of small shops. Not to forget the Sunset Bouvelard and shops on the coastal road along the sea.

Shopping at the small village of Goodlands, where there are traditional Indian clothing, and local clothing for all ages. Su along the main street shops.

Shopping at Arsenal a place that is between Triolet and Red Earth consists of branded stores, cashmere clothing shops and handicrafts. There are also luxury lighting products.

Shopping in Riche Terre in the commercial center of Riche Terre.

Shopping in Port Louis the capital of Mauritius, with its shopping centers, such as The Caudan Waterfront and Happy World House.

There are over a hundred small stores on Desforges Street and the Rue de la Corderie. Do not miss the China Town with herbs and products of Chinese origin.

The market of Port Louis Bazaar also called Port-Louis, known for its rich color of exotic fruits and vegetables. There we find wooden handicrafts and traditional, local jewelry and souvenirs. A bargain to see the right price.

Shopping at centrede Mauritius in Curepipe also known as the City of Light. It is the second largest city after Port Louis. Curepipe is a great place for shopping, where you find many shops ‘Duty Free’ clothing shops of all kinds etc.

Shopping at Floreal, it is also located in the district of Plaines Wilhems offers a selection of local craft workshops and outlets such as the wool factory, a workshop specializing in making model boats, a size workshop diamond etc.

Shopping in Phoenix, it is mainly famous for its beer; with this, Phoenix also offers many shopping opportunities. The Mauritius Glass Gallery, this is where craftsmen create unique glass pieces.

Quatre Bornes Terminals known for its Thursday market and Sunday.

Rose-Hill, a beautiful place to visit for a real taste of Mauritian life with its busy market known as Bazaar Rose Hill on certain days of the week you can find everything: clothing and other household items.

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius Mauritius is the shopping destination. It has 130 shops and offers a unique shopping experience. You will find many restaurants, cafes and tea rooms.

Shopping in the west in the seaside village of Flic-Flac In that lies all along the west coast. The Flic en Flac also offers street shops, many stalls selling textiles and local souvenirs.

One of the main attractions of the village is the Cascavelle shopping mall with lots of shopping in perspective. Shopping in Black River, located along the west coast, south west of Mauritius. The trader Black River location is the Ruisseau Creole commercial center that offers a wide selection of shops, local brands of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Hiking and guided rides in Quad bike, an activity that began to grow in Mauritius. Very often this activity takes place on hectares of green hills, mountains, ponds and rivers within our island. The reserve, located in the southeast of Mauritius formerly private hunting area.

Casela, 14-hectare park with trees and exotic flora in the western region of Mauritius. Domaine des Sept Vallées located in Mare-aux-Vacoas in the center of Mauritius, Domaine des 7 Vallées with a unique concept of ecotourism.

Domaine de l’Etoile in Travers Terrocean Limited located in the Southeast of Mauritius is an area included one of the oldest sweets of the island (now disused), Ferney, and that spreads to Mahébourg Bay in the south to “campement” historic “falaises rouges” overlooking the lagoon of Vieux Grand Port.

Frederica Nature Reserve in the vicinity of the National Park of the Black River Gorges.

Famous among golfers, Mauritius offers to amateurs and golf professionals, the most prestigious courses in the world. Golf at Tamarina Golf Spa and Beach Club was the first residential area of golf in Mauritius. The Four Seasons Resort nestled in the heart of the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, the new golf course that was designed by the South African Ernie Els.

The Golf du Château de Bel Ombre, which was built on the former sugar estate of Bel Ombre. This magnificent golf located in the wild south of the island offers a superb course on an area of 100 hectares. Belle Mare Plage Legend golf course, which was designed by Hugh Baiocchi in 1994. Legend golf course offers an 18 hole very different from other courses on the island with beautiful fairways plots in the middle of the native forest.

The Links golf course is the second course the hotel group Constance. Golf Paradise with its unique landscape that is one of the finest golf courses in Mauritius.

The unique experience of the Shangrila hotel’s golf course, formerly Le Touessrok, which is, located on the Ile aux Cerfs and offers since 2003 a golf course in the new concept with the exceptional experience.